Padel Arenas is located  on Akadeemia road. Akadeemia road leads to academics of TalTech. On the other Akadeemia road lead to Padel Arenas where all TalTech people can enjoy great daily rates to play padel. No matter if you are already an experienced in padel or would like to try this highly addictive game for the fist time we got a stunner deal for TalTech students employees. 

Every weekday and Saturday between 10 am and 2 pm, the hourly price of the court is €20 (vs. standard rate €30)!

Play for 4 hours straigh if you want.

How does it work?

Simple as f…aculty! Please send us a copy of your ISIC/ITIC card to before booking your first game. Add your phone number a e-mail address so we could registrate and enable the great daily rates for you. It is really that easy! From there on special TalTech rates apply to your bookings. Book your court either on the webpage or download Playtomic app for even easier booking. (Make sure to use the same e-mail address when creating account in Playtomic app). You can also apply for permanent booking at these rates by writing to us.  

P.S. The discount list is updated at the beginning of every academic year.