Padel is very social and easy to learn racket sport. Most of those who have tried padel have already got their game going the first time. Padel is suitable for players of different age and physical fitness. Most of all, padel is incredibly fun and a social activity, which makes it a great choice for  corporate event, active birthday or other teambuilding gathering. You are also very welcome to place permanent bookings for the company so you could play with our team every week.

Submit an inquiry to explore the options to hold your next team event at Padel Arenas. No need to worry about the equipment as we have plenty of beginner friendly rackets and balls on site. If necessary, we also help in designing the format of your event and carry out an initial training to explain the rules of padel and introduce the basic game techniques. Interested? Drop us an e-mail at or fill out the contact form at the footer of the page.


Below you can find the information on upcoming public events and  registration info.

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If you have wanted to try padel for a long time, but lacked courage, equipment or playing partners, then “Rookie Sunday” is perfect for you. During the two-hour event, we will clarify the rules of the game, get acquainted with the main game techniques and start playing right away. In addition, you will find new acquaintances with whom to play in the future.

Time of the event:  24 September 16:00-18:00 


Slots for 8 fastest to register . Participation fee 15€ (includes racket rental).


So you have tried padel and are eager to play again. But now you have ran to a problem of not finding 3 other players to play with. Maybe you are too shy of feel that your skill is not yet good enough to play with all the “cool kids”. 

Worry no more! There are other players just like you and they are eager to play with you. Join our “Open Floor” session to come meet them and play with them.   The session is mainly for beginner and beginner+ level players who want to play with different opponents, meet new friends and overcome the problem of not having familiar faces to play with. 

During the 2 hour session you will play at least 4 round (18-20 min) with different partners and opponents.

Time of the event:  24 September 14:00-16:00 

Slots for 12 fastest to register . Participation fee 15€ (includes racket rental).